The band uniform is a symbol of pride and respect for the band, the school, and the community.  It is a visual representation of the organization, and therefore must be treated with care.  The band uniforms are property of the Poland Band Parents and are lent to the students at the beginning of the marching season.  Each student must return the uniform in its entirety at the conclusion of the season.  Any significant damages or missing parts of the uniform will be the financial responsibility of the student.  Replacement costs of the uniform are:


Coat                 $200

Trousers          $100

Hat                  $50

Hat Box           $10

Spats                $10

Plume              $15

Garment Bag  $10


The students are required to purchase the following items which are their property to keep:


Tam                 $10  (percussion and sousaphone only)

Raingear         $11

Band Shoes      $20

Band Polo        $12

Navy Blue Pants (see Summer Uniform section)

Flip Folder       $12


The students must pay a uniform cleaning fee at the beginning of the season. This fee covers one cleaning at the conclusion of the season.  Any additional cleanings required during the season are the responsibility of the student.


Uniform inspection will take place before every performance.  If a minor problem is discovered (small stain or wrinkle, etc.), the student will be notified and will be required to correct the issue before the next performance.  If a major problem is found (large stain or wrinkle, missing uniform part, etc.), the student will not be permitted to perform and participation points will be deducted from their grade.  Please consult the Grading Procedure section of the handbook for more information. 


A student may make alterations to the length of the uniform trousers, however they must see a director or Band Parents Uniform Helper BEFORE making the alteration, and must use a professional tailor or seamstress.  DO NOT use staples to make alterations!

A Message from Laura Aaron,

Poland Band Parents Organization Uniform Chairperson:


·Students should be prepared for each performance. Spats, band shoes, hats/Tams, and rain gear (if needed). Tams will not be loaned out due to heath reasons. If you need any of these items replaced due to size or loss, please see a uniform parent on the night of a performance.


**Please make sure student’s name is properly marked with a permanent marker on rain gear and Tams near the hem line.


·Students are responsible for cleaning their uniforms. Stains on pants or jackets (i.e. grass, dirt, hot chocolate, or any other food items) need to be reported to the uniform department immediately. The student will need to take uniform to be dry-cleaned before the next performance.


·Students are given instructions on proper way to hang their band uniform. These instructions must be followed. All uniforms will be inspected by a parent volunteer after each game. Remember ONLY the uniform should be placed in the main section of the garment bag. Items such as spats, rain gear, shoes, etc. should be placed in the back zipper section of the bag.


·In the case of rain and wet uniforms, the uniform must be returned to the auditorium. Pants must be draped over a seat – backside up; jackets will be draped over an adjoining seat; rain gear should not be folded or crumbled but must be draped over a seat. This will allow the uniforms to dry and then be hung at a later time.


·Band Hats should be stacked in the box with your name. Stack hat boxes neatly in corner of band room – do not throw them.


Band students are charged a usage fee prior to band season. The money is used for cleaning the uniforms at the end of the season, repairs and replacement uniforms.


If the uniforms are properly taken care they should last for many years. Please remember to take care of the band uniform for the next generation of band members.


**PLEASE NOTE: Non-band students and friends are not permitted in the band room before and after games.



Any questions regarding uniforms please see Mr. Olesko or contact Laura Aaron at